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Digital planners that link to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar can revolutionize your planning experience. These innovative planners offer a direct connection to your preferred calendar, allowing you to effortlessly create events, tasks, and reminders.

With just a few clicks, you can bridge the gap between your digital planner and your calendar app, ensuring that your schedule stays organized and up to date in real-time.

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Why You’ll Enjoy a Planner that Links to Your Preferred Calendar App

Digital planners that offer a convenient button or shortcut to create new events in popular calendar apps like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar provide the following advantages:

Simplified Event Creation: With a single click or button press, you can quickly open a new event popup in your preferred calendar app. This streamlines the process of adding events to your digital planner and saves you time compared to manually entering the details.

Familiar Interface: By using the same interface as your existing calendar app, the shortcut to create events provides a familiar and consistent experience. You can leverage the features and functionalities of your preferred calendar app, such as setting reminders, adding location details, or inviting attendees.

Seamless Integration: While not directly integrating with the calendar app, the shortcut acts as a bridge between your digital planner and the calendar. It allows you to transfer the necessary event details from your planner to the calendar app effortlessly.

Accessibility and Efficiency: By using the shortcut, you can quickly schedule new events without the need to switch between different apps or manually enter the information. This improves your productivity and ensures that your planner and calendar are always in sync.

Flexibility and Customization: The ability to create events with a click or button press provides flexibility and customization options. You can easily adapt the event details based on your needs, including the event title, time, duration, and any additional notes or descriptions.

Digital planners with a convenient button or shortcut for creating new events in popular calendar apps offer a user-friendly experience, efficient event creation, and seamless integration with your preferred calendar app. They provide a quick and hassle-free way to add events to your planner while leveraging the functionalities of your existing calendar tool.

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Linking vs. Syncing a Digital Planner with a Calendar

While it’s not necessary to sync a digital planner with a calendar, the option provides valuable benefits for many users. Syncing allows for seamless integration between your planner and calendar app, ensuring that all your appointments, deadlines, and events are consolidated in one place. It helps you stay organized, avoid scheduling conflicts, and receive reminders across multiple devices.

However, if you prefer to keep your planning separate from your calendar, you can still utilize a digital planner as a standalone tool for organizing and managing your tasks and goals. A button that links to your calendar might be sufficient to create events that don’t need to necessarily be synced back to your digital planner. That means that you’ll need to open your device calendar to review your appointments for the day, which will be separate from your written planner notes.

This Digital Planner Does Not Sync with your Calendar

The planner offered on this page does not sync with your calendar app. It just provides a shortcut so that you can create an event in your calendar and then return to your digital planner.

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Blueple Calendar Features

This Blueple planner features a beautiful blue and purple design with shiny tabs and over 1,000 internal links to pages throughout.

Planner Page Images, blue and purple design day, week, year to date

The Blueple Digital Planner features:

  • YTD 2023 at a glance that links to every week
  • 12 dated months 2023
  • a convenient button that links to google calendar or apple calendar
  • 53 dated weekly planner pages
  • 342 dated daily planner pages
  • 3 types of note paper, blank, ruled and graph paper
  • over 1,000 quick links to more than 400 pages

Download Your Free Blueple Planner

Download your free Blueple Digital Planner below.
Please note that the file size of this planner is just more than 6 MB.

Instructions for Download: Click the link to access the folder with the FREE Planner. Open the PDF and then save it to your files for later use.

Download your FREE Blueple Digital Planner

Conclusion: You may or many not want a planner that syncs to your calendar app. If you, I’m happy to say that there are many planners that do.

You may be satisfied, just writing down and planning tasks and keeping your appointments totally separate from your digital planner.

I hope you enjoyed this read and the planner. Until next time…

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