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If you are on the look out for a good note taking app and free digital templates, then you have probably stumbled across apps like Goodnotes and OneNote.

Today, I’m giving away a free Goodnotes planner as we take a look at Goodnotes and the benefits of using digital planning and notetaking versus traditional paper based planning.

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Why use a digital planner?

These days many people are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly. A digital planner is one way to cut down on wasted paper while you retain the ability to maintain notes, reminders or just plan your future.

With a free digital planner, Goodnotes makes it easy to reduce waste and cut down costs of buying traditional paper notebooks.

Is Goodnotes Free?

One great reason to use Goodnotes is that it is free to download. You also get to create 3 free notebooks and basic free Goodnotes planner templates to choose from.

With the paid version, you get unlimited notebooks, hand writing recognition and the ability to import documents through via email.

Whether you have the paid version or the free version, you can import page or planner templates to customize your planning experience. Get your free goodnotes planner below.

What’s the difference between GoodNotes and OneNote?

Both Goodnotes and Onenote are digital notebooks. The main differences between the two brands are that Goodnotes limits your writing space to the screen while Onenote gives you unlimited writing space beyond your screen margins.

Find out more about the differences in this thorough comparison.

Benefits of Using a Digital Planner

Why use a digital planner? There are so many reasons, but here are few:

  1. Cheaper to use a digital planner than buying paper notebooks
  2. You won’t run out of space using a digital notebook, whereas, paper notebooks run out of writing space once you reach the end
  3. Traditional paper notebooks are wasteful and end up in landfills, where as digital notebooks are just that and don’t get thrown in the waste basket
  4. You can use the search function to search a digital notebook
  5. You can customize your digital notebook with your favorite colors, graphics and stickers
  6. Digital notebooks last forever
  7. Free Goodnotes planner templates to suit everyone’s style

Planner Templates

There are many page, worksheet and planner templates available if you search google. Planner templates can either be imported as images or in PDF format. Most templates are digital downloads for sale and if you search enough you may find some free downloadable templates.

Lucky for you, I made my first planner template and want to share it with you for absolutely free! Get your free Goodnotes planner below (no strings attached!)

It’s really simple to create your own templates. Instructions on how to create your own Goodnotes templates coming soon!

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How to Import and Install Planner Templates in GoodNotes

  1. Download the template and save it to your files
  2. Open Goodnotes and in the Documents tab, press “+” to create a new planner.
  3. Select import.
  4. Press the +import
  5. Go to your files and the location where you saved your downloaded planner template and select it
  6. Press open, then press done.
  7. Go back to your Documents tab and open the planner you just imported. Click and open the planner. It’s ready to use.

Conclusion: Goodnotes is a great digital planning notebook and planner to keep your life organized. It is environmentally friendly and you can find many free Goodnotes planner templates on google.

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