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Do you want to make your handwritten notes for creative journaling more attractive, fun and motivating? Do you want Goodnotes Templates free or free digital templates? If so, you might want to try using pretty note paper for your note-taking.

Note Paper Templates

Pretty note paper is any kind of paper that has a pleasing design, such as floral patterns, cute illustrations or bright colors. Using pretty note paper can benefit your note-taking by inspiring and motivating you to write clearly and take the best possible notes.

These notes templates are inspired by special occasions throughout the months of the year and are matching designs with FREE monthly planner template sets. Pick between ruled paper, unruled note paper or graph paper for creative journaling motivation.

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Ruled Paper vs Unruled Note Paper For Creative Journaling

Ruled paper is paper that has horizontal lines printed on it to guide handwriting or printing by hand. Unruled note paper is plain, blank paper without any lines. Ruled paper can have different spacing between the lines, such as wide-ruled, college-ruled, narrow-ruled or medium-ruled.

Some possible reasons to choose ruled paper over unruled paper are:

  • It can help keep your writing neat and aligned
  • It can help you measure distances or draw graphs
  • It can help you organize your notes into sections or bullet points

Some possible reasons to choose unruled note paper over ruled paper are:

  • It can give you more freedom and creativity to express yourself
  • It can allow you to write or draw in any direction or size
  • It can make your notes look more clean and minimalist

Graph paper is paper that has a grid of squares printed on it. It can be used for many purposes in journaling, such as:

  • Practicing sketches or lettering
  • Creating architectural drawings or floor plans
  • Bullet journaling with neat layouts and trackers
  • Making charts, graphs or tables
  • Doing math problems or puzzles

What kind of notetaking or journaling do you want to do?

Details About this Months Free Note Taking Templates

These templates are FREE to Download and include:

  • March, April and May inspired PDF templates
  • 3 designs each lined page
  • 3 designs each blank page
  • 3 designs each graph paper
3 types of Note Paper Templates

March Note Taking Template Download

Notes inspired by St Patrick’s Day and Earth Hour.

March Notes Templates (one each graph, ruled and blank paper)

Get the FREE March Planner Bundle.

April Note Taking Template Download

Notes inspired by Easter and Spring.

April Notes Templates (one each graph, ruled and blank paper)

Get the FREE April Planner Bundle.

May Note Taking Template

Motes inspired by Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Victoria Day and Memorial Day.

May Notes Templates (one each graph, ruled and blank paper)

Get the FREE May Planner Bundle.

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Whether you choose one or download them all, these free notebook pages are perfect for creative journaling.

Be sure to check back soon for more templates! Until next time.

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